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About Chiro Works Bayside

Our Beaumaris and Cheltenham, Mentone practice is geared towards providing exceptional care with families in mind, delivering care focused on spinal and nervous system health. Our patients love our fantastic reception and CA team, who make everyone feel at home.

When you’re the only chiropractor in town, your services must be exceptional, and we’re proud to offer our patients the highest quality care aimed at the best possible outcomes.


  • Our Mission – Educating & Inspiring: Our mission is to educate and inspire our community to make better lifestyle choices so they can experience optimum health, happiness and wellbeing.
  • Our Vision – Cultivating Healthy Communities: We see a community of healthy, happy, drug-free families with healthy nervous systems who think, move and eat well. A community where everyone has the ability to be healthy and enjoy a better life for 100 years and beyond. Where people know that health comes from within and not from a packet of pills.
  • Our Purpose – Informing Others About Chiropractic: Our purpose is to educate our community about the need for a healthy, functioning spine and nervous system and the importance of regular chiropractic adjustments throughout life to experience optimum health.
  • Our Approach – Fostering a Wellness Mindset: While we help relieve pain and dysfunction to restore total physical capacity, we aim to foster a wellness mindset in people by showing them ways to stay healthy without relying on pills, needles or surgery.
Using chiropractic adjustments as our primary method of care, we offer the pain relief patients seek and provide them with the tools to improve and maintain their health going forward. With massage therapy and other services, we ensure every person receives the personalised care they need.

Passionate About Getting Patients on the Healing Path

At Chiro Works Bayside, we’re inspired by the many examples of healing we see on a daily basis. People who come to us as a last resort after other methods fail are amazed at the results they obtain. Even for seemingly unrelated conditions, such as severe stomach issues one of our young female patients was experiencing, which cleared up after adjustment.

We love helping people resolve their back pain, migraines, ear infections and so much more – their healing journeys are inspiring.

We’re Here to Help Enhance Your Life

Our team wants to help you live a happier and healthier life with natural and holistic chiropractic care. Contact us today to get started.

About Chiro Works Bayside | (03) 9589 0076