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New Patients at Chiro Works Bayside

person walking in to office smilingWelcome to our practice! Our team will do everything possible to ensure you know you’re in the right space to heal.

We’re very open with our patients from the first phone call. And because we like transparency, you’ll receive a review of what to expect before your first visit, ensuring no surprises.

Every person who comes to our practice is made aware of our standard of care. Because X-ray analysis is a significant part of the new patient process, we want each patient to know that X-rays are necessary before any adjustments are done. There’s no “quick crack and you’re out the door” here.


The First Consultation

When you come through the door, you’ll get a warm welcome and receive our new patient paperwork to complete. Most people find the detail surprising compared to other practices, but it’s another example of the level of attention we put into every diagnosis, every chiropractic adjustment and every therapy patients receive at Chiro Works Bayside.

Questions about sleep quality, eating quality, exercise habits, stress levels and more indicate our dedication to our craft and your health. We also provide information about the practice and the costs involved with care. Again, no surprises!

person consulting with doctor

Once in the exam room, the doctor will outline everything that will happen on this visit. First is a history about what brought you in, followed by a physical check-up and testing. X-rays are next, and then the second appointment is booked. Please allow 45 minutes for this visit.

Report of Findings Appointment

When you return, the doctor will review all the results and X-rays with you, explaining what was found, what might have caused the issue, and a plan to resolve the problem. We set up a corrective adjustment plan to address the problem, but we also attempt to get you to address your spinal health for the long term. Finally, you’ll receive your first adjustment.

Schedule of Fees

  • New Patient Assessment $120
  • Regular Consultation $76
  • X-rays (if required) $150

Please speak to one of our friendly staff members to enquire about our great family rates or to address any questions or concerns.

Putting You at Ease From the First Call

Our team members are helpful, informative and eager to meet your needs. Call today to get the answers you need and book your first appointment.


New Patients at Chiro Works Bayside | (03) 9589 0076